Lessons, Resources and More

This page is my personal cork board for collecting resources for lessons, projects and units for future reference:

~ Here is a few links to resources for teaching a Slam Poetry unit, suitable for middle years

~ Here is a link to access our NWRC B.Ed 2018 Lesson Plan Repository  (note to self: if I ever want to create another such repository I should watch this handy tutorial)

~ Here you can find T.I.M. (technology integration matrix), this resource constitutes an enormous collection of pedagogy combined with practical lesson plans for integrating technology in a seamless and essential manner in our classrooms. Also, Blooms Digital Taxonomy is a useful resource for reflecting on developing our own pedagogy 🙂

~ RubiStar is a great tool for making rubrics 🙂

~ Similar to the benefits of using technology that our students find interesting and cool, to teach other outcomes, we can look to our students other interests to determine how to best reach them. These ideas for teaching using Lego are a super cool resource!(Click here for even more educational applications for Lego) For the same reasons, I hope to be able to integrate outdoor education into my regular classroom, this resource is in reference to that.

~ Here is an awesome assignment bank, via Professor Gavel

~ Here are some great resources, pertaining to virtually all subjects, compiled by the Treaty six Education Council, lesson plans, unit plans and more!

~ Great resources specifically related to Treaty Education can be accessed through the Office of the Treaty Commissioner , your school should have this Treaty Education Kit, but if not- some of those particular resources are available here